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Ena Greyeyes

Ena Greyeyes

Ena Greyeyes is Plains Cree and originates from the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan where she grew up in a traditional lifestyle. Her difficult childhood in residential school and her experiences of struggle and survival with cancer contributed in shaping the strong person she has become today. Her road towards finding a place of forgiveness and serenity is a long, healing journey that has spanned a lifetime.

Over the past several years, Ms Greyeyes has been actively involved as a bilingual guest speaker in various venues and educational facilities.  Honoring her cultural heritage, Ena uses storytelling to share the teachings she received from her Elders.  She plans to publish a book of the numerous stories she has written over the years.

As a visual artist, Ena’s work strongly reflects her Aboriginal background.  Her colorful and vibrant artwork portrays a vision and a style that is truly her own. Ena is a resident artist at the Whetung Ojibwa Center located on the Curve Lake First Nation reserve in Ontario.  

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