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Selina Eisenberg

Selina Eisenberg

5764 Westluke Ave
Cote St. Luc, QC H4W 2N7
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Read about Selina's adventures on the Canadian Children's Book Week tour in 2013: and 2021:

Journeys unfold with every story told by Montreal Storyteller, Selina Eisenberg.  A graduate of Concordia University with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education, Eisenberg’s flair for telling Eastern European stories began while teaching Pre-Kindergarten over 30 years ago.

Eisenberg’s craft has evolved into telling a diverse range of tales to the youngest of listeners delighting children and the young-at-heart of all ages in Canada, United States, Ireland, Israel, and in recent times globally on Zoom. She skillfully adapts her stories to suit the audience, and draws them in from beginning to end. With her youngest listeners, Eisenberg embellishes her narratives with everyday props as well as her own flannel-board creations to visually enhance their experience of the story. 

Fifteen years ago she was unexpectedly asked to tell a story to 84 youths (grades 4-6) and their teachers while chaperoning at their team-building retreat. With virtually no time to prepare and no flannel board by her side, Eisenberg captivated her audience with the use of her words, intonation, and projection of her voice. The tale was compelling and her storytelling capability moved to a new level. Selina’s ability to fascinate and enthral her audience is demonstrated by invitations to return annually to regional schools. She is always amazed by students who greet her with their memories of her stories from the previous year, when they recall a “magic fry pan” or the “itch on a tongue”. 

Eisenberg’s newest passion includes bringing her storytelling voice to a multilingual project out of the Université du Montréal which will bring 7 Francophone Published Books alive for English speaking listeners, Storytelling in French at the elementary school level, Story Slams, coaching a new storyteller in Vancouver, has lead workshops for youth, librarians and early childhood educators; and still has aspirations of publishing on or more of her children’s stories one day. 

Selina was on the SC-CC Board of Directors from 2014 - 2018; during that time she served as President for 2 years. Since becoming a member of Storytellers of Canada, Selina has consecutively attended 8 national conferences across Canada, the National Storytelling Network Conference (2015) and the Federation of European Storytelling Conference in Ireland (2017). In 2021, she told a story in the Chennai Festival on Zoom and will participate again in 2022. She adds to her list of local work, invitations to perform in Storytelling Festivals in Ottawa, Edmonton, Quebec and has performed in two Story Slams in Israel (2018). Selina has been hosting the Montreal Storytellers Guild & Friends Storytelling Swap online every other Thursday since the Covid 19 Pandemic began and she welcomes tellers from all over the globe to listen and share a tale. 

Recently, Selina is delighted to announce that she will be one of five tellers at the English Gala Opening Night for the 16th Intercultural Festival du Conte here in Montreal. The performance is in person and she is thrilled to be part of it. 

Other Memberships include: Montreal Storytellers Guild, Ottawa Story Tellers, and FEAST (Federation of Asian Storytellers)

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