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Dinny Biggs

Dinny Biggs

My previous career as a classroom teacher and community program coordinator in downtown east Toronto, built my experience with families and newcomers of all ages and backgrounds connecting through storytelling. My next career was in volunteer management. 

I believe in storytelling not only as a best practice in pedagogy, but also for building family and community engagement. I encourage oral tradition by strengthening my skills as a story listener and in particular, to appreciate stories told that have been previously dismissed, unheard or hidden. 

I am myself, an emerging storyteller and keen arts supporter.

 Volunteer Director: 

Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada

2015 to 2017 vice-president

2017 to 2019 president 

Workshop Coordinator: Storytelling with Seniors

Storytelling Toronto 2016 – 2017

I helped organize two workshops, a full day symposium and public online resource on healthcare of older adults with examples of storytelling. I continue to explore applications of oral storytelling in response to current research on brain stimulus for dementia patients listening to and telling stories.

A video about this project is on the Storytelling Toronto website as 'Memories into Stories'

Project Coordinator: Village of Storytellers

Storytelling Toronto 2012 – 2015

Over four years, I invited Regent Park residents and community partners as advisors to help shape projects with over 20 storytelling circles in schools and community centres involving children, youth, adults and seniors working with professional storytellers. Each group would meet once a week over 6 to 8 weeks. The projects included participants telling stories to each other, at community events and some, invited on stage at the Toronto Storytelling Festival. 

The experience demonstrated the depth of oral tradition around the world and how stories 'travel' and matter when told out loud. Collected testimonials from project participants and audiences reinforced the impact of oral storytelling  to support social inclusion, cultural competency and community engagement.

A video about this project is in the archives of Storytelling Toronto as ‘Village of Storytellers’

Coordinator of Festival Volunteers

Toronto Storytelling Festivals 

Storytelling Toronto 2010 - 2015 

This was intense, but exciting each year to work with over 50 volunteers recruited to support and assist artists and audiences at a variety of storytelling events over ten days of programming and in multiple venues for the annual, international Toronto Storytelling Festival.



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