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Cindy Campbell-Stone

Cindy Campbell-StoneCindy is a Bluenoser (Nova Scotian) with family roots in Prince Edward Island. She has been storytelling for over 20 years and to audiences of mixed ages and specific groups. Cindy likes telling many different kinds of tales: Folk, faerie, family, Peace, pirates or the sea, Historical or community and, G-G-Ghosts, ballads, tales of me. In the past few years, Cindy has been creating one woman shows and presentations, such as: Tales of a Trailer Park Girl (personal), The Lady in the Lighthouse (historical), Tales Under The Darnley Bridge (family/PEI), Celtic Tales (folk), Songs and Stories from the Helen Creighton Collection (folk). She is open to any theme or program idea, and loves to give storytelling or folk or Helen Creighton workshops to all ages. Cindy is a proud member and volunteer of Storytellers of Canada/ Conteurs du Canada former President, Vice President, Newsletter Editor, Provincial Coordinator, currently: Social Media Assistant, SC-CC Radio folk music research and proud SOP! Contact: Phone: 902 - 471 - 3971

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