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Eden Nameri

Eden NameriWhether Eden Nameri is telling Bible stories, Greek myths, medieval epics or Jewish folktales, she incorporates a mixture of traditional and original interpretation, as well as plenty of personal perspective. She uncovers hidden aspects, such as queerness and the viewpoint of women. In addition to telling to live audiences at storytelling events, celebrations and religious services, Eden tells to seniors on line. Eden has studied storytelling with Celia Lottridge, Jennifer Cayley and the late Diane Wolkstein. She has told at the Toronto Storytelling Festival, Ottawa Storytellers Signature Series, Word on the Street, StoryFusion Cabaret and the Network of Biblical Storytellers of Canada Festival and with the Queer Songbook Orchestra and Queers In Your Ears. Eden is an active member of 1001 Friday Nights and a former board member of Storytelling Toronto.

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