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Aurore Liang

Aurore LiangTelephone: (514) 806-7056

Aurore Liang is an accomplished multilingual storyteller proficient in French, English, and Mandarin. Hailing from Beijing, China, she currently resides in Quebec where she showcases her passion for Pingshu, an ancient Chinese art of storytelling, by leveraging her performances to bridge her cultural roots with her adopted community. With a solid background in Beijing Opera, a classical form of Chinese theater, and training from eminent artists in Quebec's theater and music industries, Aurore skillfully personifies diverse characters to establish a powerful rapport with her audience. She explores the interplay between various art forms and endeavors to promote significant Chinese literary works by delivering captivating and easily accessible storytelling performances. Presently, she regularly performs at Montreal's cultural centers, the Montreal Botanical Garden, and numerous storytelling festivals and cultural events.


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