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Alexandra Adedzwa

Alexandra Adedzwa

Alexandra is a lawyer and an exceptionally talented writer with a gift for presenting the lives of historical figures in a uniquely engaging, documentary style.

Naturally gifted with talent, she has been a writer since age 6. Her upcoming trilogy will be available in the coming months.

On Youtube as the History Priestess


This passionate storyteller has a unique gift for bringing stories alive. She combines wit, humour and charisma and her

delivery is unsurpassable. Her take on the life story of renowned French painter, Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun has been added to the artist's archive at the National Gallery of Canada.

She gives presentations to a global audience and the most common refrain from attendees at her live events is:

"I felt as if I was there!"

Below are a few recordings of her stories along with blurbs about each one

1. The Female Pope: Olimpia Maidalchini Pamphili

Did you know that a woman ruled the Vatican for 10 years? Yes, it's true. Olimpia Maidalchini Pamphillij overcame many obstacles and found herself overseeing the oldest Old Boys' Club in the world. How did she do it? Watch and find out

2. Faberge’s Imperial Easter Eggs

In this presentation, we explore the relationship between the master jeweler Karl Faberge and The Russian Imperial family (Romanovs). We will also explore the story behind each one of the 50 Imperial Easter Eggs

3. Pamela Churchill: The 20th Century’s Greatest Courtesan

At the height of World War 2, Winston Churchill desperately needed military assistance from the US. His pleas went unanswered until his daughter-in-law intervened. How did this bored, aristocratic girl from Dorset in England get transformed into the most sought after woman in the 20th century? She dated all the world's most powerful men, created an American president and died as the US ambassador to France.

4. The Aviator and The Watchmaker:

In this presentation, we explore the story of Brazilian "Father of Aviation" Alberto Santos-Dumont and the infancy of the aviation industry . We will also see how his friendship with Louis Cartier led to the prevalence of the modern wristwatch

5. Cats and Witches:

A detailed look into the Witch burnings in Europe, the Salem witch trials, the Malleus Malificarum and how the legacy of the "Burning Times" continues to impact women today

6. Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun:

Marie Antoinette's portraitist is regarded as Europe's first modern woman. She was highly sought after by all of Europe's royal families thanks to her talent and she lived an incredibly interesting life. She even turned down the chance to paint a Pope! She was the highest paid portraitist in Europe in the 18th century. We will explore her story and look at her most beautiful paintings.

7. Aphrodite and the Femme Fatale:

In Greek Mythology, Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love. But did you know about her Middle Eastern origins? In this presentation, I delve into her past as Astarte the Phoenician Goddess of love, her Roman counterpart Venus and other ancient representations. I then bring her into the present as the embodiment of the Femme Fatale

8. The Uncrowned King of Italy: Gianni Agnelli

Let us explore the story of Gianni Agnelli. He inherited the FIAT empire when he was 24 years old, making him the richest man in Italy and the head of Italy's most powerful family. Industrialist. Playboy. Rake of the Riviera. Billionaire. Husband. Father. King. He did it all, and we will look into his fascinating life.

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