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SC-CC memberships are now EVERGREEN, meaning that your membership will begin on the month payment clears and will end on the corresponding month one year later.

Membership Rates:

  • Individual/Organization with on-line subscription of Le Raconteur, $70 
  • Discounted individual membership: $10 discount if you are currently a member of a local group that is an SC-CC member. $60
  • Discretionary fee: for tellers and listeners of all ages and stages whose financial situation makes our regular membership fee a challenge, $35
  • A two-year membership is an option as a convenience for members, but does not offer a discount.
If able, members are invited to top up their membership fee with a tax-deductible donation to help supplement the discretionary fees paid by others. You can add this donation to the "General Funds" donation box in the membership join/renew form below. 


To join, simply complete the registration form below.

Once your registration is complete you will provide payment with PayPal or cheque. Please note that your account will be activated upon receipt of your first payment by our team.

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You can pay by PayPal or by cheque. When paying by cheque please use the full name of the organization: Storytellers of Canada

Mail the cheque to

Storytellers of Canada
Suite 173 - 601 Christie St
Toronto ON
M6G 4C7

If you have questions, or need assistance please email 

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