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J. Nichole Noel

J. Nichole Noel

                                   J. NICHOLE NOEL


J. Nichole Noel is a professional storyteller and mother of five, who writes childrens’ stories for ages three to eight.  Her interactive stories aim to teach children life lessons in a fun, interactive way, as they develop in a world rich in cultural diversity. She has been performing stories for 10 years to over 12,000 students/children at libraries in the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal and Western U.S.A.

J. Nichole is also a multi-talented recorded Singer/Songwriter. She has released three audio CDs, eight books of poetry for youths and adults. She is described as being, “Very reminiscent of Maya Angelou,” and has been compared to singer, poet and actor Jill Scott.   J. Nichole aspires to be the next world-renowned author, Robert Munsch.

J. Nichole has appeared on Rogers Daytime Television, Planet Africa Television, and Rogers Cable Television’s award-winning Christmas Video Special. She has performed on the Toronto Fringe Festival, South Asian Gala in the Garden, Jerkfest, Caribana, International Dub Poetry Festivals, and internationally at various events in Spain, England and Jamaica.

Storytelling and Workshops 


Based on a true story about friendship and diversity, Nephetiti & Sweetie Go to the Zoo is an exciting book about best friends of different ethnicity, a trip to the zoo, a humongous banana hat and bi-lingual monkeys that chit-chat.  It addresses the underlying issue of self-image and being comfortable with what is termed as “different” as a proud Nephetiti in her humongous banana hat is met with adverse reactions at the zoo.  How will the crowd react when ... the magic and authenticity of the hat is shockingly revealed? If you have not seen a 5 ft. wide banana hat, then this is a must see! 


Our objective is to provide a positive environment which encourages the self-expressions of teenagers in a society inundated with societal pressures and struggles for self-identity.

 We aim to help students find their own literary voices.

    • To express personal views and respect opinions of others
    • To understand the power of spoken and written words
    • How one’s words can impact others
    • To encourage self-confidence
    • To work independently or within a group
    • To encourage career choices in teaching, journalism, social work and motivational speaker                    

Let Not our Voices Go Unheard Workshop – (Grades 9-12)

This is a workshop for teenagers to individually and collectively express their voices through poetry and heart-felt sentiments as they define their personal struggles living within the confines of a teenager today This interactive workshop aims to build self-confidence while supporting others through individual and group  participation. Students will also learn presentation skills as each will be reciting their own poems.

A Deeper Shade of Purple Workshop(Grades 6-12)

This is an interactive workshop for young women based on the chat book “A Deeper Shade of Purple”  by J. Nichole Noel. It contains poetry and poetic stories along with TRUE STORIES written by young women of all ages. It is a tribute to others around the world, as they embark on their own personal journeys into womanhood.

Poems include: My Body Belongs to Me, I Can Make It, I Know I Can, Dawning of Innocence, The “I” in Me … Inner Beauty, A Place In Society, Beautiful Girl, Blackened Eyes Can Definitely See Light and more. 

What it Means to be a Black Teenager in Today’s Society Workshop - (Grades 9-12) 

This workshop is a literary overture in which teenagers individually and collectively are encouraged to express their voices through poetry, rap and heart-felt sentiments, as they define their personal struggles and triumphs being a black teenager in today’s society.  Students will also learn to respect themselves while supporting and encouraging others through individual and group participation.

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