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Bernice Hune

Bernice spins gold mountain stories, telling traditional folktales from Asia
entwined with Canada's immigrant history stories.  She is a storyteller,
actor, radio broadcaster and arts educator who grew up in Toronto immersed
in Cantonese songs and stories - elders sharing traditional folk tales as
well as personal stories about the railway, the head tax, and the struggle
for the rights of full citizenship. 

She tells at festival events for all ages. Bernice creates new stories from Canada's recent past. Her have been highlighted  the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, as well as the Canadian Museum of Immigration - Pier 21 in Halifax. Bernice has been featured at various festival events in Canada as well as at the Singapore International Storytelling Festival. To the delight of young audiences, Bernice has visited schools throughout Ontario as well as on  Vancouver Island for the TD Canadian Children's Book Week Tour. 

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