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Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright has dedicated his career to making Greek epic accessible, entertaining, and relevant for contemporary audiences.

High School Stage Performances:

·       Jeff embarked on his bardic journey on the high school stage. His epic 4-hour Iliad and Odyssey shows introduced thousands of teenagers to Achilles, Helen, Odysseus, and the famous Trojan Horse.

Collaboration with OttawaStoryTellers:

·        Jeff’s collaboration with Ottawa StoryTellers encouraged him to bring his storytelling skills to adult audiences, including sold out shows on Ottawa’s National Arts Centre 4th Stage.

Serialized Storytelling Podcasts:

·        Recognizing the need to make Greek epic accessible beyond the live stage, Jeff transformed his performances into serialized storytelling podcasts.

·        Trojan War: The Podcast and Odyssey: The Podcast have so far been downloaded a staggering 1.5 million times. Jeff’s podcasts boast an industry-leading “Impactful Play Rating” of 99%: listeners who initially tune in to Jeff’s stories are still listening, 20 hours later.

Scholarly Recognition:

·        In 2020, America’s Society for Classical Studies awarded Odyssey: The Podcast its Forum Prize, declaring Jeff’s creation “the best public-facing essay, book, poem, article, podcast, film, or other piece, produced in the previous year.”

·        In 2023, Calder Classics (Essex, MA) commissioned Jeff as their resident storyteller for a week-long workshop titled, Singing Homer in the 21st Century. Jeff was the featured performer at Calder Classics’ 2023 New York city fundraiser.

Leadership Lessons from a Bronze Age War:

Jeff’s seminars blend the fun of Homer’s stories with leadership lessons derived from contemporary Behavioral Economics and Group Dynamics. Jeff has delivered his leadership lessons seminars to senior management at the Bank of Canada; to Officer Candidates at the United States Naval Academy; and to student leadership teams in high schools.

Helen, Some Heroes, and a Horse:

Jeff’s first full-length novel is currently being edited by Canada’s premier literary editor, Heather Sangster,

On Being a 21st Century Homeric Bard:

Jeff’s most recent live show explores the myriad challenges of singing Homer for contemporary audiences. Jeff’s performance—part story, part lecture—is playful, provocative, erudite, and FUN. 


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