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Summi Siddiqui

Summi Siddiqui

Teacher, artist, writer, travelling storyteller, performer, motivational speaker, poet........  Summi Siddiqui connects cultures beyond borders.

As a travelling storyteller, Summi carries Canadian stories with her and returns with tales from the places she visits. She has performed at the Harbor Front Storytelling Festival in 2011, 2012 & 2016. She was also a finalist for‘Storytelling Slam’ at The Writer's Community of Durham Region (WCDR). 

Emerging from a family of poets, writers and artists; educated in England, India, Paris, Italy, Canada; exposed to international stories, literature, Arts, it comes natural for Summi to connect  cultures with her pen, paintbrush and voice. She has organised and created lectures, workshops, for both children and adults in Canada, India, Sudan,Libya, Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E and Oman.  

Summi is based in Ajax and has told her stories at Town Libraries in Ajax, Pickering,Whitby, Oshawa,Peterborough and Toronto. She has participated in the Ajax Festival of the Arts, Whitby County Town Carnival, Stellar Literary Festival in Oshawa, Simcoe Hall Settlement House, Canadian Unitarians Council, St. Jude Catholic School,Sharon Temple and participated in plays at Kalalu Folklore Theatre in Oshawa.She is a former member of the Race Relation Committee in Ajax and has spoke on Ubuntu (the quality of being human) to celebrate the Black History Month at the AIDS Committee of Durham Region (ACDR) event.

Her public speaking topics cover the stories she writes and those that she borrows from different cultures; stories that are both motivational and inspiring, family stories,memories,  anecdotes, riddles, humor. She recites her poems to music. She also discusses what it is to be a travelling storyteller and encourages others to follow this ancient tradition. She is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi, and translates her stories, poetry, to suite her audience.

A Montessori  and High school art teacher she has exhibited her  work  at the Council Chamber in the Ajax Town Hall, Ajax Library, the Station Art Gallery in Whitby, Ont, and at the Whitby library.  

Her story 'Coming Home' has been included in the anthology 'A second coming -Canadian Migration Fiction.',published in 2016.

She lives in Ajax with her husband, two daughters and a sphinx named Pari.  

She can be contacted at



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