House Concerts

The SC-CC House Concert Network

The SC-CC House Concert Network is a unique service for members that connects storytellers looking to tour, with home venue hosts interested in supporting performers. House Concerts can be professional shows, community fundraisers, or performance opportunities for new and emerging tellers. They can be a place for new voices to be heard, for tellers to find new audiences and new revenue sources, and for more and stronger connections to be built among artists and communities.

Members on Tour

Add your name to the Members on Tour list by emailing

Kathie Kompass
Kathie Kompass
Kathie Kompass will be in BC in late November with a telling partner, and they will be telling on November 22nd in Parksville at Tales for the Telling. They are looking for a couple of other opportunities to share this concert while out in BC, and are open to doing a House Concert.
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Hosting a Member on Tour

If you’d like to host one of the members on tour, contact that storyteller directly to discuss date, location and other details, which may include accommodation in the host’s home.

When a match has been made, share the house concert’s details with the House Concert Network coordinator and post the event on SC-CC website’s House Concert Network calendar.Once tellers and hosts are connected, the House Concert Network coordinator will send both parties a brief questionnaire to complete after each concert. This information helps SC-CC strengthen the House Concert Network service.

To learn more, contact Michael Williams at

SC-CC initiates introductions for House Concerts, however SC-CC is not responsible for information shared directly between host and teller or proceedings leading up to and during the house concert itself.

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