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Dianea Phillips

Dianea PhillipsLet me tell you a story that will transport you from your present self to beyond!

Dianea Phillips is a founding member of the Montreal Storyteller’s Guild - established in 1990.

I have been in the business of education as a teacher and consultant. Currently I am the CEO of Science Yourself! No G's About It! That is a story in itself! I have been a teacher, an Aerospace Educator and an international speaker for more than 30 years. I am a multi-platform professional, and stories touch every aspect of my life! 
I teach beginner storytelling courses, lead workshops, story swaps at community events/festivals, tell in libraries and perform for children, adults and the seekers of the wisdom in stories of all ages.
I am well known in Lester B. Pearson School Board Schools, schools in Brunswick Maine (during Space Day Events) and at the English Montreal School Board. I have been both a storyteller and a judge for LBPSB storytelling competitions. Stories for "wee ones“ are told with hand-cut and hand-painted flannel story characters. 
I have had the fortunate experience to tell my stories for Black History Month on CBC and CTV radio stations. As a certified Life Coach, storytelling is an important part of the process of helping children morph into their own and spread their wings. 
As an Aerospace Educator, I love to weave tales about space with young children. I have a repertoire of Caribbean tales, tales from Trinidad and Tobago, Inuit Tales, as well as my favorite modern day fables. My tales are always told in a way that engages the audience. Bringing the listeners into the act of storytelling is an amazing exchange of the heart of each storytelling experience. Let me tell you a story that will transport you from your present self to beyond!

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