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Maria Saba

Maria Saba

An Ottawa-based writer, storyteller, and arts educator, Maria Saba wasborn and raised in Iran, where her childhood was filled with Persian fairytales and fables.  In her performances, she draws on the vasttreasury of Persian fairy tales and fables, folktales and stories fromaround the world, as well as true personal stories.

Maria has combined her background in traditional Persian vocal and dancewith contemporary voice training to develop an engaging style of storytellingwhich draws in audiences of various ages and backgrounds.   

"In a world full of noise andself-importance, Maria’s quiet strength shines. While others push themselvesforward to attract attention, Maria’s beautifully crafted, gently told stories,so rich in imagery and lush in language, draw listeners in to whatever worldher current story inhabits."  Gail Anglin, the President of Ottawa Storytellers


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