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Hebert Poll Gutiérrez

Hebert Poll Gutiérrez

Hebert Poll Gutierrez is a Cuban Canadian author,storyteller, poet, and playwright with 16 years of experience currently basedin Calgary. He believes in the power of stories and theater to shape realities.Art is his strategy to defend his triple cultural identity: His identity as anartist, a Cuban, and Afro-descendant.

Hebert has published nine books in several genres(poetry, theater, and short fiction). His latest book is “Whispers from theBlack Gods” (Poetry)(The Elite Lizzard Publishing Company, Canada, 2022)

Some of his writings appear in magazines and more than20 anthologies from Cuba, Venezuela, Canada, Spain, the United States, Mexico,Germany, and other countries. Companies from Latin America, Europe, and Canadahave represented his theater scripts.

He is a memberof several cultural organizations in Canada. Among them, we can mentionSpanicArts Calgary

PlaywrightsGuild of Canada.

ICAI (ImmigrantCouncil for Arts Innovation).

FAVA (Film andVideo Arts Society Alberta).

Alberta MediaArts Alliance Society (AMAAS).

I was namedCalgary’s Artist of the Month in December 2021 by the Immigrant Council for ArtsInnovation (ICAI)

Instagram: hebertpoll

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