StorySave Quilts

The StorySave Quilt has become a tradition with Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada. The first quilt was made in 2002 by TALES [The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling, which has a new name as of 2019; Storytelling Alberta] members when Edmonton hosted the annual conference and they wanted to raise money for the National StorySave Project. Raffle tickets were sold throughout the conference to attendees. It was such a success not only in funds raised but in the artistic displays of members expressing their passion of storytelling that Pearl-Ann Gooding opened up the opportunity for all SCCC members to have the opportunity to participate. This has continued every year except for one when a Silent Auction was held as a fund raiser in 2005 in Calgary, Alberta. Participants from all over Canada and outside our borders have signed and created quilt blocks. Pearl-Ann sends out a specific fabric block to approximately 20 people each year and it is returned to her to assemble into a unique design. Since 2002 over $30,000 has been raised from raffling the quilts. [Updated 2019]

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