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Margo Carruthers

Margo Carruthers

Halifax, NS
Website: [Under Reconstruction]

Margo Carruthers of Halifax, NS, is a theatrical storyteller, traditional ballad singer and teacher of Gaelic language and song. While a focus on folklore through a feminist lens is strikingly front and centre, especially women's issues, past and present, arising from research into Atlantic Canadian folklore, Margo's undisputeded specialty is the supernatural.

Margo's storytelling forte is the Child Ballads (the English and Scottish Popular Ballads compiled by Francis James Child in 5 volumes between 1882 and 1898); in particular, the variants rife within Atlantic Canadian collections. Revered for her unaccompanied vocal interpretations of traditional ballads, Margo is also highly regarded as a classically trained guitarist. Her unparalleled fusion of diverse disciplines defies conventional categories and has been widely praised as “a tour de force of spellbinding storytelling”.

To captivate an audience ranging in age from 7 to 80 into perfect, attentive silence is no easy task. And yet, Margo’s performance of old stories and songs did just that and reminded us of the power of story in our lives. Recommend highly.Marlene Moore, Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest

It has been my pleasure to record and perform with Margo. The integrity she brings to any project she tackles is of the highest quality and her concepts and fresh ideas make songs and stories seem fresh and full of surprises. Margo interprets traditional material with the utmost respect but offers it in a way that will make you rethink what you might have thought about history and folklore.” Clary Croft, Folklorist, Archivist, Author & Musician

A long-standing Director of the Helen Creighton Folklore Society, Margo is intimately acquainted with the work of Dr. Creighton and has staged this material in a much heralded series of theatrical musical presentations and recordings that showcase selected works from Dr. Creighton and other notable collectors of Atlantic Canadian lore.

An established Celtic music specialist, Margo has arranged and performed Scottish Gaelic and English traditional music in concert, on radio & television and on recordings. As an educator and dynamic workshop facilitator, Margo has taught popular Gaelic language courses for all levels – beginner to advanced; shared knowledge and insight into Gaelic culture, customs and beliefs; and skillfully inspired and motivated learners toward independent learning initiatives.

Margo's first solo Gaelic language Cd - Talant nam Bard - The Talent of the Bards - presents a variety of songs composed by Nova Scotia's Gaelic bards, the majority of which date back 100 years or more and features Margo's crystal-clear singing coupled with gentle, austere arrangements.

Contrast this with the uber-theatrical Speech from the Crone: Scarytales, Margo's first solo English language Cd of Traditional Women's Songs of the Supernatural from Atlantic Canada and you will understand why Margo has been called "a marvel of music, mirth and mayhem". With her wide and varied expertise in all aspects of singing in the traditional style and her penchant for theatrics, Margo will have you thoroughly beguiled.

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