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Kathleen Smyth

Kathleen Smyth

Kathleen Smyth

3021 Providence Road

Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K5


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Growing up in Scotland and Canada, Kathleen's father and mother would tell her tales of their ancestors. She loved listening to those vivid stories of family heroes and scoundrels. Since that time, she has read and told many Celtic folktales, legends, myths and fairytales. 

Kathleen loves investigating and narrating stories from traditional and non-traditional sources. In addition, she enjoys researching topics to create self-penned works that she can tell. Lately, Kathleen has become enamoured with historical narratives, which she often likes to deliver as a close acquaintance of the central characters.

Over the years, Kathleen has developed her storytelling craft and delivered “many-a-tale” throughout the Greater Toronto Area, York Region, Durham Region, and Northumberland County. She has recently been developing workshops, related to the application of storytelling in business.

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