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Christine Mayr

Christine Mayr

At the age of five Christine Mayr, born in Austria and living in Montreal, found the hidden entrance to fairyland and has been telling stories ever since. Now, as a grandmother, she spins her yarn, weaving it around you, inviting you to enter her tales: tales of wisdom and wonder: the wisdom of laughter, the sheer wonder of being alive…. 

She has been invited to Festivals in Quebec and Newfoundland, in Austria and Italy but enjoys as much to tell in private homes, shelters, bars, student cafés and libraries – wherever there are open ears and hearts. She has told to the blind and the deaf, to youths in conflict with the law, to immigrants, homeless people – and of course - to everybody else, too.

Storytellingmakes her come alive.

Her repertoire includes folktales from all over the world as well as some of her own stories, told in English, French or German. Christine tells to audiences of all ages.

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