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Faye Mogensen

Faye Mogensen

Victoria, BC

Phone : 250-652-9770

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For almost 40 years, Faye has been weaving tales full of mystery, humour and passion. Her first book, "Ancient Stories for Modern Times: 50 Short Wisdom Tales for All Ages" was released by Skinner House Press in the summer of 2016.

Faye has a Masters of Education, with a focus on storytelling as a tool for environmental change. She loves sharing folktales and myths that explore our relationships with ourselves, with one another and with nature. She has a large repertoire of personal tales, inspired especially by travel, experiences in nature, and times gone by. Some of her stories inspire hope and generosity- others are purely for fun.

Faye tells in schools, elder centres, libraries, museums, parks, shelters and churches, especially the First Unitarian Church of Victoria where she formerly ran the spiritual exploration program for children, youth, and families. Now and then, Faye happily accepts opportunities to share stories in Danish, instead of her usual English.

Faye will work with you, in groups or on your own, to help you tell your storytelling skills.

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