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Sheila Ryan

Sheila RyanGive me a topic and I’ll tell you a story! I have been a storyteller for forty years. Ten years in Newfoundland and thirty years in Ontario. It all started the day I invited some neighbourhood kids to my yard for “story time”and got in big trouble for scaring them! As a teacher of Intermediate Level Students (Gr.7/8), for many years, I used my storytelling ability to make dry subjects more interesting and to encourage amazing classroom dialogue . I also woke-up the dormant storyteller among many of my student groups, especially the shy students! Now, I enjoy performing with my colleagues at Durham Storytellers and for various venues in the GTA. I specialize in tales of mystery, wonder and awe. However, I’ve also given talks and told stories for on every subject imaginable for kids from 5 to 95 years of age. I look forward to telling and hearing more stories in the future. Give me a topic and I’ll tell you a story!

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