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Ruth Stewart-Verger

Ruth Stewart-Verger

Ruth grew up in astoryTelling household where she was immersed in the tales of her grandparents'childhood memories, of traveling tellers who dined at the family table and ofCanada’s historical heroes. She developed a respect for an oral tradition thatlives in all cultures. Her love of the spoken word has been shared on concertstages, at festivals, in embassies, on radio, and in the classroom.


Ruth has traveled across Canada telling stories and finding new ones! Shehas facilitated workshops, conducted seminars, and presented at symposiums andconferences on storytelling and the applications of storytelling.


After years oftelling traditional and modern tales Ruth began to research the women ofCanadian history. Afternoons spent in the national and provincial Archives, andUniversity Libraries revealed the richness of story behind the likes ofMarie-Anne Lagimodière or Emily Murphy and her friends, collectively as theFamous Five.


Out of these projectsRuth recorded two CDs. The first, "She Pushed From Behind: Emily Murphyin Story and Song" was recorded live at the Library and ArchivesCanada at a concert to celebrate International Women's Day. Ruth's second CD broughtto life one of the early pioneers of the west, Marie-Anne Lagimodière,godmother to the Métis, and grandmother to Louis Riel.


Ruth, with Niki DiVido and Donna Stewart, initiated a monthly children’sstorytelling series in Ottawa, Ontario. Over the 28 year history of Ottawa’sChildren Storytelling Festival Ruth has tried on many roles, (programming, logistics,and artistic director). For 5 years, Ruth was Coordinator of Youth and Childrenprograms for Ottawa StoryTellers.

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