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Albert Fowler

Albert Fowler

Al Fowler's mother always said: "He isn't very smart, but he sure can tell a good story!" 

Al’s storytelling predates SC-CC and even the stories he told his children. After studies, that included three years of homiletics and two years of apprenticeship, The United Church of Canada recognized his calling to be a storyteller and more.

He began his wider storytelling experience with the Ottawa Storytellers in 1986, but then was distracted by an MA in History, production of a book, Peacetime Padres, and service as president of the Ottawa and later the Victoria chapters of the Canadian Authors Association.

Al has attended many SC-CC Conferences and more workshops than he can remember.

Moving to Victoria, in 1998, he was soon involved with the Victoria Storytellers Guild(VSG), producing their newsletter becoming President of the VSG for a number of years which included running the SCCC annual conference and AGM in 1999. Since that time, he has been in demand by everyone from quilters to Scientists for everything from stories to workshops. He has told stories at the International Forrest Storytelling Conference in Port Angeles, Washington and at the Ottawa Tea House. He has served on the executive of SC-CC for many years in the area of communications. Al was honoured to be named a “Treasured Storyteller” by the VSG in 2021.

Today, Al watches the daffodils and cherry blossoms grow in Victoria, BC. He still attends workshops, tells stories and is available to do workshops. He looks forward to hearing from you,  

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