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Albert Fowler

Albert Fowler

Al Fowler's mother always said: "He isn't very smart, but he sure can tell a good story!" 

I guess he wasn't very smart because it took him longer to get out of university than it took him to get there and he still looks upon libraries with the fondness most people reserve for their home town. 

Eventually, he did leave the university and joined the military.... he needed the exercise and what else can you do with liberal arts degrees? The military liked his stories and even asked him to capture some of them in a book: Peacetime Padres. That was fun and gave him an excuse to tell more stories, although he could never quite figure out how to tell them in French...

One day, the military said "enough!" It was time for Al to go and explore the wonderful world of retirement. That's when he got busy on the executive of the Canadian Authors Association,started attending meetings of CanCopy,  and later got into communications on the SC-CC Board. Turned out he was also good at running money-making conferences, like the 2009 SC-CC conference in Victoria.

Today, Al watches the daffodils and cherry blossoms grow in Victoria, BC. He does tell stories, when he can get someone to listen. His lovely and very patient wife quilted him a storytelling vest, and with every piece came another quilt related story.

If you are brave and get the urge, do get in touch with Al. He will welcome the attention...but beware. with him, always comes a story.

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