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Mary Ann Lippiatt

Mary Ann Lippiatt

P.O. Box 294

New Sarepta,  Alberta T0B 3M0

Home #:780-941-3843

Email: Mary Ann Lippiatt OR  

Traveling with Story in My Pocket since 1991, Mary Ann's animated storytelling has engaged intergenerational audiences in venues across Alberta and Internationally. Her unique storytelling presentations provide "edu-tainment" at festivals, schools, libraries, retirement homes and conference workshops. Customized programming of theme based and multicultural diversity is interwoven with story visuals and interactive audience participation. From personal home-grown farm girl stories, to exotic tales, every story experience is a journey of  discovery!

Mary Ann tours with SC-CC (Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs Du Canada), SA (Storytelling Alberta formerly TALES -The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling), SA (Storytelling Strathcona), and YABS (The Young Alberta Book Society).  Contact for Available Bookings.

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