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Jennifer Cayley

Jennifer Cayley

288 Theresa Lane

Lanark ON

Telephone: 613-256-0353


Website: or

The focus of my work as a teller has been on epic material as well as traditional folk and fairy tales.  My partner Jan Andrews and I were the founders and co-directors of 2 women productions, a company is dedicated to bringing fine storytelling for adults into recognized performance settings. (

Performance Highlights include:

  • Directing and telling in Ice and Fire:Creation to Ragnarok, 2024 in Ottawa
  • Directing and telling for the Mabinogion in Ottawa in 2023
  • Taliesin at Montreal Festival 2023
  • Directing and telling at the 12 hour Odyssey 2012 and Iliad 2014 in Ottawa

  • Telling in Rome at l Raccontamiunastoria with Jan Andrews 2013

  • Featured teller, with Jan Andrews at the Midsumma Festival in Melbourne Australia:Book of Spells, (weaving of literary and autobiographical material) 2011

  • Touring Wales, with Jan Andrews:Book of Spells, (weaving of literary and autobiographical material) Spring 2009

  • Southern Ontario Tour with Jan Andrews, Book of Spells, (weaving of literary and autobiographical material) winter 2009

  • Talk Story Festival, Honolulu 2008

  • Fringe: National Storytelling Network’s in St.Louis, Missouri.

  • 13 years telling at Stories From the Ages, Ottawa’s weekly winter series devoted to epic telling. Material included selections from; The Odyssey, The Iliad, Orlando Furioso, The Kalevala, Morte d'Arthur and The Mahabharata.

  • Co –hosting and telling at week-end gatherings of tellers from across Canada, brought together to tell the Odyssey, the Iliad, the Metamorphoses and the Mahabharata in their entirety.

  • Ten years at The Fourth Stage of Canada’s National Arts Centre as part of the Ottawa Storytellers monthly concert series. 2001-present

  • Storytelling festivals in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Eastern Townships.

Storytelling in schools

Storytelling in schools is an important part of my professional practice. As well as working independently, I have worked with Prologue to the Performing Arts. Currently I am working with MASC. (

Voice and movement

I have a particular interest in voice and movement work as it impacts on storytelling and have had the pleasure of doing the National Voice intensive at the University of British Columbia as well as a five week intensive at the Roy Hart Centre in France. I offer workshops that incorporate this work and are designed to help tellers connect more deeply with their material.

Arts Administration

As an arts administrator, I co-founded, with Jan Andrews, and led a successful arts education organization dedicated to supporting artists from all disciplines, including storytelling, to work in school and community settings. This organizational experience has been used to support storytelling at the local, provincial and national level. I have a strong interest in seeing the storytelling community build the infrastructure it needs to support the growth of the art form.

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