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Lynn Torrie

Lynn Torrie



Lynn combines a lifelong love of stories with more than 30 years of work as a children’s occupational therapist. She enjoys traditional tales that not only entertain, but also teach us how to live well with others and with our environment. She tells in schools, churches and community settings, with a particular fondness for child and family audiences. She is a regular teller at Toronto's 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling and hosts Storytelling Toronto's Meridian Storytent. She is a member of the York Storytelling Guild and has performed in Ottawa's "Signature Series", Toronto's "The Word on the Street" and is a regular at the Toronto Storytelling Festival.

Lynn has a repertoire of well over 100 traditional folk tales and can create a program to suit your needs!

Sample Programs:

Preschool: (mix of short stories with rhymes, songs and audience participation)

·      Down on the Farm (Stories, Rhymes and Songs about farm animals)

·      Halloween (Stories, Rhymes and Songs with a Not Too Scary message)


Primary Grades: (short folktales with audience participation)

·      Folktales from Around the World

·      Tales for a Kinder World –tales about kindness,caring and respect

·      Tales of Adventure - plenty of action and excitement

·       Lions,Tigers and Bears

·      Warm Tales for Cold Days

Junior Grades: (traditional wisdom and wonder tales)

·      SpookyTales- just scary enough to make Halloween fun

·      Peace Tales


Intermediate (true stories from Ontario history)

·      Settler’s tales- experience life in the late 1800s as a young woman survives a steamship wreck or an injured young man heads home from a winter lumber camp


Teen to Adult:

·      Gender Benders and Queer Tales

·      Healing tales- traditional tales of women claiming their power


Introduction to Storytelling (Beginner)
Storytelling for Worship (Beginner)
Story Skill Builders (Intermediate)

Zoom 101: How to tell effectively on camera
Hosting Your Zoom Event
Zoom for Instructors

Zoom Coaching- learn at your own pace, with 1:1 instruction


The Thief and the Mask (all ages)

The Man Who Had Nothing (all ages)

Into the Storm (ages 10 and up)

The Reindeer Maiden and the Moon (adult)


The Wax Child (all ages)

Assipattle and the Stoor Worm (ages 10 and up)

The Devil's Coat (adult)

Upcoming Events: 

Every Saturday 1-2pm- Storytelling Toronto's Storytent ONLINE join here  

                By Telephone: 647 374 4685 Meeting ID: 917 5582 6557

Feb. 27- 6:40pm Eastern- Chennai Storytelling Festival

Mar. 13- 4:00pm Eastern- Her Voice Returns- Stories of the Goddess

Mar. 25 7:30pm - Toronto Tells-

Apr. 11- 7:30pm EDT- But That's Another Story

May 2  4-5:00pm EDT Toronto Storytelling Festival (Fire and Ice)

May 6  8-9:30pm EDT Toronto Storytelling Festival (The Earth Rumbles) 

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