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Welcome to SC-CC’s Events Calendar! We have calendars for each region across Canada, as well as specific activities. Please note that posting to this calendar is a benefit of membership with SC-CC. Become a member for this and other membership benefits! 


SC-CC members can submit their event either online or by email.

Online Submission: Select the calendar you wish to post to, then scroll to the bottom and fill out the ‘Event Request Form”.

By Email: email Heather at with the following information:

  1. Province - Group Name and event title or meeting name (please inform if the name has changed IE: formerly Vancouver Storytellers to Vancouver Tellers) 

  2. Event Title - Date - Time - Location - Virtual link or contact

  3. Group or event Contact name, telephone number and email.

  4. Full description and time frame (IE: Third Thursday of each month from September to June)


Questions? Contact the Calendar Coordinator, Heather Whaley: 


As of  Apr 2021, a few are offering live or blended events, but, as we know, things are very much in flux. You may wish to consult the calendar for your region (below) as well the Online Events calendar for dates and times. Please note the time zones. 


We have NOT removed the old recurring event information from the regional calendars in 2020. We strongly suggest that you check with organizers. We'll now be adding new live and/or blended events to the regional calendars, and the blended events to the Online Events calendar. 

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