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Kathie Kompass

Kathie Kompass

1195 Major St

Ottawa, ON K2C 2S1

Phone: 613-228-2195


A storyteller since 1983, Kathie’s desire is to light a verbal candle, drawing the audience  closer. She likes the taste of sharp, keen, vivid words in her mouth. Words that will create a picture in the Listeners mind as the story reveals itself.

Stories she enjoys telling vary from nature appreciation pieces about  John Muir or Grey Owl, to literary works by Thomas Raddall and WO Mitchell. As well she finds folktales and legends from China, Europe, Japan, Africa and the Caribbean a pleasure to tell.

Her telling has taken place in libraries, churches, summer camps, private parties, public and high schools, Concordia University and for Girl Guide and Scout Groups. Kathie has taken part in the Ottawa Storytelling festival on numerous occasions and twice  at the Toronto Storytellers  Festival .She has told on the 4th Stage of the National Arts Centre Arts Centre and co-chaired the Ottawa Storytelling Festival.  Currently  she leads the Introduction to Storytelling workshop for Ottawa Storytellers. When storytelling for youth groups she creates chants and participation stories to enrich the theme of the event and involve the audience.

Stories are like the wind -  they come from far away and get inside your head.

Specialities: Folktales, Children/family audiences, Animal stories

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