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Donna Dudinsky

Donna Dudinsky

305-330 Winnett Avenue

Toronto ON M6C 3L9

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An award-winning documentary film producer, Donna Dudinsky gave up the world of film and television for the world of storytelling. She’s been telling stories professionally, in English and in French, for more than 20 years. Telling old tales to the young at heart, she specializes in folk tales from around the world, often blending music into her performances with a variety of French-Canadian folk songs and traditional ballads. Donna has told at storytelling festivals, schools, libraries, and concerts across Canada and was selected for Canadian Children’s Book Week. A frequent host and teller at 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling, an organizer of concerts live and online (including Toronto Tells and Dream in High Park), Donna works tirelessly to promote the art. Since the pandemic began, Donna has been invited to perform at concerts in England, the U.S. and India. She currently runs Storytelling Toronto’s StoryTent, a weekly open mic story session where everyone is welcome to share a story.

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