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Pauline Grondin

Pauline Grondin

Burlington, ON

Home/Résidence:   905-522-4157



Paulie Grondin is “multiheretorial”, a professional storyteller, heritage performer, historical interpreter, 1812 reenactor and musician who has been telling stories and making music all of her life to listeners from the age of 2 to 102.

Pauline was given the honour of having her name included on the Ireland Canada Monument in Vancouver, B.C. “The monument honours Irish Canadians for their immense contribution to Canada.”…”each name has been chosen on that person’s contribution to their fellow Canadians, on their commitment to do something good to build a better community locally or globally within Canada.” Pauline’s music and stories, especially those telling of Canadian history, have been recognized as her contribution. 

Pauline is also the recipient of the Halton Heritage Award, the Burlington Junction Appreciation award and the Hamilton Wentworth Heritage award. 

Pauline is a tenth generation French Canadian with an Irish citizenship.  Following her dual roots, her storytelling has delighted audiences of all ages in Canada, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

Pauline was the voice of Elizabeth Gage on the War of 1812 documentary produced for the bicentennial on History Television. Her stories of “Women in Upper Canada during the War of 1812” were recorded for Route 1812, a driving route linking historical sites and cultural institutions in the Southwest, Toronto and Niagara regions.  Her voice and instruments were also recorded singing heritage songs along the same route. Pauline is the social historian for the Southwest Ontario Barn Quilt trail and was the historical advisor for the Lincoln Lamplighter Tours for their bicentennial production.

Pauline has written a number of children’s history books and stories for the young at heart.  She has also recorded four CD’s telling stories of Canadian pioneer women, “Voices of the Past”, “Voices of the Past Two”, “Voices of Toronto’s Past” and “Stories of Women in Upper Canada during the War of 1812”.

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