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Cindy Shantz

Cindy ShantzCindy loves connecting with people. Originally she wrote and published personal essays in newspapers such as The Globe and Mail. She also wrote and produced a play. Years ago, however, she told her first story, "The Monkey in the Fridge", based on the difficulty of her husband finding things in the refrigerator. And that was it! She was hooked on storytelling! Cindy has entertained and inspired audiences from Vancouver Island to Switzerland. She brings her adventures and challenges to life with a combination of humour, insight and poignancy. In addition to telling stories, she conducts personal storytelling workshops for adults, and also for international students at Vancouver Island University. In 2020, Cindy created “New Voices”, a group of high school students interested in storytelling. She thoroughly enjoys coaching teenagers in the art of writing and telling their personal stories, and plans on continuing her work with youth. You can contact her

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