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Bob Barton

Bob Barton

409 - 385 Brunswick Ave.

Toronto, ON  M5R 3R1

Home/Résidence: 416-920-5543

Work/Travail: 416-920-5543


Bob comes to storytelling through education (English/Dramatic Arts). He believes that sharing stories is a powerful way to strengthen students' listening and concentration skills, to build a sense of community and to energize work across the curriculum.

He is especially interested in the relationship between storytelling and the development of literacy. His work with students involves developing a sense of story, and confidence in retelling and remaking stories in a variety of ways using drama techniques. Bob has worked professionally in parks, theatres, schools and on radio. He has been a feature teller at many festivals around the world. One of his latest ventures is the stories he has developed around the voyage of the HenriettaMaria which sailed from Bristol on 3 May 1631 under the charge of Capt. Thomas James in search of the northwest passage.

Bob tells to audiences of all ages, does workshops for both adults and children and is willing to travel.

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Poetry Goes to School, Pembroke, 2004 (with David Booth)

The Bear Says North, Groundwood, 2003

The Small Miracle, Tundra, 2003

Telling Stories Your Way, Pembroke, 2000

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