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Guelph Guild of Storytellers

Guelph Guild of Storytellers

Guelph Guild of Storytellers (GGS) is small but flourishing with a core group of seven with contributions from guests and our open mic. We are fortunate to have a local photographer, volunteers who serve refreshments when we tell in the summer and support from a number of local businesses. 

Tales From the Hill, our fall-winter-spring monthly telling is at the Civic Museum and Tea "n" Tales continues a twelve-year partnership with the Enabling Garden, a weekly Friday morning summer telling on the banks of the Speed River. Renowned storytellers respond to invitations to participate so these events are very popular.

In addition, individual GGS members respond to requests for telling in senior homes, schools, churches, Scouts / Guides, birthday parties, community events, etc.  

Guelph is recognized for its vibrant, rich arts identity and diversity. GGS is proud to make a contribution to that rich tapestry. 

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