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Micki  Beck

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Micki is an elder. She started her storytelling journey some 60 years ago with a study on storytelling in education which evolved into a life long passion for the art. Early training in England was demanding and required a period of apprenticeship.

Over the years she has worked as an individual and in groups in every imaginable venue from the haunted orchard through schools and universities to the theatre stage and television studio.

As an educator she worked with teachers and students. Storytelling became part of the Oral Language festival and students travelled with her to other schools to share stories. She booked other professionals for enrichment events as well as conducting a board wide workshop for high school and elementary teachers to support her belief that ‘there’s a story for every subject at every grade level’!

Micki still performs and has traveled across Canada to give her workshop on programme planning as well as touring outside the country. She plans for the individual needs of her audiences (ages and interests) and over the years has recognized the many unique styles and approaches amongst her peers. As a trainer for ‘Spellbinders’ she acknowledged the value of family and community storytelling and this led to working on a storytelling continuum entitled “From Folk to Fine Art – Storytellers All” This study examines and guides the progress from beginner through professional in Canada today and what is required to go from Folk to Fine Art.. A small grant from a local arts council supported this endeavour which is being revised for publication.

Micki was the SC/CC jury chair for the TD/CCBC Book Week tours for twelve years and served as the Board liaison for volunteer committees for four years. She started three community storytelling groups under the heading 'Storytellers All; keeping the oral tradition alive in (Belleville, Bancroft and Apsley)… She is available for interactive workshops with school and adult groups of any age but still performs and enjoys doing story sessions when asked.

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