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Marie-Louise Perron

Marie-Louise Perron

Marie-Louise Perron, B.A., B.Ed. (SK), M. ès Arts (Que.), 

Ottawa, Ontario 

Marie-Louise Perron was born on her grandfather’s land in Saskatchewan. She is a descendant of Red River Métis and early French newcomers. Through several different careers, high school teacher, visual artist, author, archivist, and public servant, Ms Perron has maintained the storytelling tradition of her people. She has presented and published, in both English and French for national and international audiences, on subjects including the French/Métis songs and stories of the Perron-Laderoute-Marion-St. Arnaud families, instruction on tracing one's family history, and the value of archives to society. Now retired, Ms Perron pursues historical and genealogical research projects, offers workshops on tracing Indigenous ancestry, studies traditional violin, and participates in many styles of storytelling old and new, including video and digital storytelling. She also maintains her artistic practice in watercolours, mixed media on canvas and photography and has participated in solo and group exhibitions in several regions in Canada. Her work can be found in a number of private and institutional collections across the country. 

Ms Perron has been active for many years in the Indigenous community in Ottawa, including as a member of the Ottawa Region Métis Council. She is a member of Storytellers of Canada - Conteurs du Canada’s Indigenous Advisory Council. 

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