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Karen Gummo

Karen Gummo

Karen Gummo is a storyteller and visual artist.  She has been a lover of story, dance and image making for all of her days.  A proud descendent of Danes and Icelanders who settled in Alberta between1889 and1927, she revels in  family tales of triumph over hardship as well as the myths, sagas and legends of the Norse people and those from around our globe.  Karen has been performing and giving workshops in varied venues for more than 30 years.  Lately she had the chance to travel to Iceland where she performed in schools and in a Saga room.  She made new connections to her extended family and will return to deepen those bonds and perform once again.

Karen has performed on radio, on the street, in parks, at libraries, in schools, at the Children's Hospital, for hospice, in museums, bookstores, cafes, pubs and in theatres.  Lately too she has been working extensively with historical stories in the company of her peers.  She finds it satisfying to work as a team member including many voices in the performance.  Now to add more movement and imagery.  Karen toured Ontario with the Canadian Children'd Book Centre in the spring of 2017 and has now written and illustrated her fist picture book called Ladybird Fly. 

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