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Oro Anahory-Librowicz

Oro Anahory-Librowicz

 Storyteller and scholar

Oro likes to share the thousand-year-old tales of the Jewish tradition, imbued with wisdom and humour. Whether they come from North Africa, Eastern Europe or the Middle East, these tales testify to the resilience and fragility of Jewish existence. A varied assortment of characters come to life through the famous stories of King Solomon, Ch'a/Nasroudin or from mystical tales. For Oro, stories are at the crossroad where tradition and modernity meet. Storytelling is her way of building bridges with other cultures and sharing her heritage and humanity with others. It is also her way of suspending time, of triumphing over everyday life and experiencing the delight of living.

Here is what some professionals in the performing arts say: "The hues of humour, the nuances of interpretation, the scenographic surprises give a rythm and a personal climate to the performance of Oro Anahory", Martine Beaulne. "The voice is beautiful, well-timbred and harmonious. The gesture is varied, wide and lively. The storyteller tells us about something close to her heart", Jean-Guy Sabourin. "Her way of storytelling through action, sometimes with humour, sometimes with sensuality, of bringing out characters, of drawing places in space with simple gestures captivates the audience", Jacqueline Salvas.

Oro has performed in Canada, The United States, England, Brazil, Israel, France, Spain and Venezuela.

Oro is the StorySave 2022 teller. She just recorded an album of Jewish stories: "Being Born Is a Miracle. Of Memory and Exile".

Link to purchase the album:

Link to purchase the digital album/lien pour l’achat de l’album digital:

Link to the English podcast:

Working languages: French, English, Spanish and Haketía.

"King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba"

"The Cheap Man from Lemberg"

"The Sweetest Melody"

"It’s All for the Best"

"Being Born is a Miracle & My Father’s Candlesticks"

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