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Storytelling Toronto

Storytelling Toronto

Storytelling Toronto is an organization that teaches, celebrates, and explores the art and tradition of oral storytelling.

We offer:

- a range of Courses, from Storytelling I: First Steps Into the Art of Storytelling, to a Master Class for advanced tellers, and special courses ranging in bilingual storytelling, to incorporating puppets into storytelling.

- the weekly StoryTent, a family friendly storytelling event, hosted every Saturday - come listen to a story and tell one of your own!

- our StoryFusion Cabaret! concert series, which fuses the art of oral storytelling in its traditional and non-traditional forms with blends of music, dance, and a variety of other unique art forms.

- the Storytelling Toronto Directory, a directory of professional storytellers local to Toronto and the GTA

- Pippin, the publication of Storytelling Toronto

- "Pip!", the bi-weekly newsletter bringing Storytelling Toronto and community news to your inbox

- and last, but not least, the annual Toronto Storytelling Festival

Visit us at!

Contact us:

173 - 601 Christie Street

Toronto ON M6G 4C7 | 416-656-2445

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