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June Brown

June Brown

15 McMurrich St.

Home/Résidence: 416-221-3190


June enjoys working with listeners of all ages. Many of her favorite stories involve audience partisipation. She often incorporates puppets, music and felt storyboards when telling to younger children or in therapeutic settings. Whether the listeners are young or old, her stories allow them to stretch their imaginations and experience fun, laughter, suspense and amazement. “Tell it again,” is a common response.

June has told stories in schools, libraries, churches, daycare centres, therapeutic settings, nursing and retirment homes, summer camps and festivals.

She does workshops using the Story Jam program teaching adults and students how to learn to tell their own tales.

Programmes: (Interactive, participatory stories for younger listeners:)

- Barnyard Tales

- Monkey Business

- Going to the Zoo

- Seeds to Soup

Stories for all ages:

- Multicultural Tales

- Shivery Tales for Hallowe’en

- Brave Girls, Strong Women, Wise Grandmothers

- Giants, Trolls and Ogres

- Fools and Tricksters

- Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

- Medieval Tales

…or, a program tailored to your requirements

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