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Jacques Falquet

Jacques Falquet

Jacques Falquet has played a lead role in the renaissance of storytelling in the Outaouais region and theProvince of Quebec. He tells mainly in French, but has been featured at TheFourth Stage Series and at Stories at the Tea Party, in Ottawa, at the TorontoFestival of Storytelling (2007) and at FOOL-Festival of Oral Literature (2012).He is noted for telling with musicians and dancers, and has created the telling score of Tedd Robinson’s FABLE, a contemporary dance piece, in 2011. He has been a MASC artist and a Canada Council grant recipient.  He makes a living as a conference interpreter and translator.

Living in Quebec, but born from afamily where each generation moved to a different country, Jacques has roots inCanada, in France, in Ireland and in Poland. His repertoire is shapedaccordingly: stories from Canada (French-Canadian, English-Canadian, FirstNations), Slavic tales, Celtic tales, tales from The Arabian Nights, originalcontemporary stories. Whether he develops his own or adapts traditionalmaterial, he plays with emotions, humour and wisdom. It has been said that hisstories make the imagination travel, and go straight to the heart.

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