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Jerry Haigh

Jerry Haigh

6, Discovery Bend
RR6, Site 601
Box 92, Saskatoon, SK    S7K 3J9
Phone: 306-373-4241

Blog: - A Glasgow Vet in Africa

Jerry is a Kenya-born, Glasgow-schooled wildlife veterinarian who has worked with Canadian species ranging from owls to polar bears and gophers to moose. He has worked in Mongolia with the nomadic reindeer herding Tsaatan, and in New Zealand and Australia on deer.  Many years of African work experience in several countries has included work with elephants, eagles, rhinos and lions. His first book was Wrestling With Rhinos (ECW 2002). The Trouble with Lions followed (UAP 2007). Then came Of Moose and Men (ECW 2012), Porcupines to Polar Bears (Dragon Hill Publishing (2015), and Reindeer Reflections: Lessons from an Ancient Culture (Rocky Mountain Books (2002).

He was born, married, and his kids were born in Kenya. He speaks fluent Swahili.

In 2009 he retired from University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, and over the years has taken many students on externships to Africa.

Jerry's talks entertain and inform and can be geared to suit audiences from preschool to seniors. He has told in schools, around campfires and even on horseback. He combines humourous stories about soldier ants up his shorts, giving an enema to a rhino and being chased by an irate mother moose with more serious observations on the rapid decline of wildlife species and their habitats. He enjoys weaving African folk tales and a bit of Swahili into true-life accounts as so many of the former offer alternative views of how things work. The stories he shares come from his own experiences and have been learned in the field from people with whom he has worked.

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And here's a fun throw-back! Click on the link for a 35 year old video of Jerry on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom!



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