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Geneviève Marier

Geneviève Marier

For Geneviève, storytelling matters not only in storytelling shows but is also a part of life. In her family, all were telling from the grandfather to the little ones. Shy, she learned to listen, and then to tell, working as a babysitter or in summer camps.

Peregrinations: as a tranlator, she seeked the right word. Doing social work making movies with young adults, she seeked meaningful images. New beginnings followed: maternity and a back to the earth decade, brewing lots of stories everyday.

When she later studied in music, she created her summer jobs using music, storytelling, puppets and shadow play. She then teached music and played with groups of ancient and traditionnal music, sometimes doing musical tales.

Since 1996, she tells for children , youth, adults and women, in Québec, New Brunswick and in France. She was invited in festivals; Mémoire et Racines, Jos Violon, Les grandes gueules, Chés Wèpes, en Picardie, de La Parole au Conte, à Québec. She told to children in schools, to toddlers in daycare centers, to elders in homes, to adult publics in librairies and cafés and occasionnaly on the radio. She also tells in folksong parties, hikes, community or ecological gatherings.

She offers her ear to the tellers who ask for coaching, individually or in groups. Her workshop: Letting the presence grow, relying body and voice work , is asked for repeatedly in France. She also gave it in Sao Pai¸ulo and in her hometown, Québec

She gives a workshop in literacy: Using the words to call back  the stories that live within.

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