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Rachel Dunstan Muller

Rachel Dunstan Muller

Something magical happens when an impassioned teller, an attentive listener, and a good story all come together. The room fades, and a new world appears. A good story can enchant, inspire, or heal. It can awaken wonder, or reconnect us with our humanity.

Rachel never outgrew her fascination with wonder tales, and believes that the best ones speak to us at every stage of life. She has been an oral teller since 2010, and shares original stories and traditional tales in schools, churches, coffee shops, libraries, theatres, concerts and festivals. Her aim is both to entertain her listeners, and to reconnect them with the untamed places in their hearts and in the world. Rachel is the author of four trade-published juvenile novels: When The Curtain Rises, Ten Thumb Sam, The Solstice Cup, and Squeeze. She is also a podcaster with two series: Hintertales: Stories from the Margins of History for adults, and Sticks and Stones and Stories for young children. She lives on Vancouver Island, BC with her husband and two youngest children.

Visit to hear her children's podcast, or her website at Contact her at

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