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M. Jennie Frost

M. Jennie Frost

10754 – 85 Avenue
Edmonton , Alberta T6E 2K8

Phone: 780-433-2932

Since 1996, I have told stories in festivals, concerts, conferences, libraries, and schools in 9 provinces and 1 territory. I tell myth and folktales from many countries, literary stories and narrative poems, Halloween and horror stories, and my own stories and poems. As I studied Classics at university and used to teach Latin in school, university, and adult extension classes, I have developed a large repertoire of Greek and Roman myths and legends. I have been told a number of times that I make myth approachable. I love sharing long stories—drawing listeners into places outside our present world where we can spend some time together involved in the people and events of the tale. I enjoy working in schools and feel strongly that students at all levels need to be made aware of the world’s heritage of story. Besides story performances for audiences of any age, I offer workshops in writing and storytelling for students (gr.4 and up) and adults.

Career Highlights
I have told stories in 173 schools and libraries in 62 Canadian communities.

In 2013, I was selected by SC.CC to record a 3-CD set for StorySave. Across 5000 Years: Stories from Ancient Greece and Modern Literature was launched in Ottawa in July, 2013, and in Edmonton in November, 2013.

In 2012, I was one of the storytellers and authors selected by the Young Alberta Book Society to participate in the week-long Cenovus Wordpower Tour of southern Alberta.

In 2011, I was selected by SC.CC to tour in the Sault Ste. Marie area as a storyteller during the Canadian Children’s Book Centre 2011 Book Week Tour.

I’ve participated in 12 Young Alberta Book Society Festivals, touring Alberta north, south, east and west, border to border.

Since 1996 I’ve told in TALES festivals and concerts in Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge.
I’ve participated with many other storytellers from across Canada and beyond in 7 Epic Weekends at Taylor Lake, Ontario; Vancouver; and Markerville, Alberta in which we retold all or large sections of Homer’s Iliad, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the Indian Mahabharata, the Tibetan Gesar of Ling, Norse Myth from Creation to Ragnarok, the Icelandic saga Grettir the Strong, and “Rostam’s Story” from the Persian Shahnameh.

I’ve told a story on CBC Radio Edmonton and CBC Radio Calgary.
I was a featured speaker on storytelling for the Canadian Authors Association Alberta Branch.

I told horror stories for the Fort Edmonton Halloween Spooktacular, 1996 – 2011.

I’ve told stories at the Edmonton Book Fair, the Edmonton Children’s Fringe Festival, and the Sprouts Theatre Festival.frost-j3.jpg

Select Publications*:
Across 5000 Years: Stories from Ancient Greece and Modern Literature, 3-CD StorySave set, 2013.

The Courtship of Hippodameia, Honorable Mention, 2002 Mellen Press Long Poem Contest, Mellen, Lewiston, New York, 2005.

Pygmalion and Other Greek Myths, 2-CD set funded by Canada Council, 2005.

“The Laidly Wyrm,” Undaunted Enchantments: the old faerie tales told the way they were meant to be told, Pearl-Ann Gooding, Artistic Director, TALES Edmonton, 2010.

“The Tiger and the Frog,” TALES On the Wind, 2-CD set, M. Hays, Ed., 2009.

“Blacking the Baby” and piano compositions, A Collection of TALES: 13 Tales, 13 Voices, TALES, 2001.

“The Bear,” Under the Wide Blue Sky: Alberta Stories to Read and Tell, Lisa Hurst-Archer, Ed., (Red Deer Press, 2005).

“F23: Child’s Cup”, first prize 2011 Other Voices Poetry Contest, 2011.

Power, Prizewinner, 2008 Short Grain Contest. Grain Magazine, Winter 2008.

“Writing,” First Prize, Alberta Innovation Marketplace Poetry Contest, 2006.

“Ariadne at Dusk,” The Classical Outlook, Vol. 81 #1, Fall 2003.

“Soup Cup,” First Prize, 2002 Amethyst Review Poetry Contest. Published with “Letters of Sympathy”, Amethyst Review, Summer 2002.

“Space,” first prize for Alberta Branch in the CAA National Millennium Story Contest. In All Directions, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2000.

*Hippodameia, Pygmalion, Undaunted Enchantments, TALES On the Wind, A Collection of TALES, and Under the Wide Blue Sky available directly from Jennie

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