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The following are short stories and some poems that have been told and authored  by SIBoucaud : 

1.    An Agreed Upon Time

2.     Arriving at the We

3.     Done with You

4.     Driving on the Rim of God’s Eyelashes

5.    Fish with Bellies

6.     In the Passing

7.     Jeep Drivers

8.     Once Again, Sound Rescues Truth

9.    Suspenders and a Belt

10. Taking Time to Tell You

11.  The Firing

12. The Loving

13.  The Man with the Hound Dog Face

14.  The White Brown Girl

15. Unknown to Known

The experience of SIBoucaud  is that the stories choose to be told. The teller is simply a channel for the stories. Though the stories are very short,  they are suitable for older teenagers and adults. Reading the stories to children is not recommended.

Each of the above stories were completed with art; the art style is expressionistic. 

In terms of telling the stories, all have been told at the 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling (Toronto, Ontario) and some via the YouTube ( boucaud in the story ) . 

The above stories   have also   been published by Kindle and can be located in the below e books

 boucaud in the story :7 plus 1 stories, for older teenagers and adults (ISBN 978-0-9940665-0-3 )

boucaudin the story : 8 short stories, for older teenagers and adults (ISBN 978-0-9940665-1-0)

boucaud in the story : stories to art – expressionistic , 2013 – 2015 (ISBN 978-0-9940665-2-7 ) 

Further information regarding the teller can be accessed at

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