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StorySave Launches its 14th CD in Lévis, Quebec

StorySave Launches its 14th CD in Lévis, Quebec


Lévis, Quebec (July 2, 2015) - StorySave, a program of Storytellers of Canada - Conteurs du Canada (SC-CC), is pleased to announce the launch of its 14th CD, Atsinikssini: LEGENDS OF MY KAINAI PEOPLE by Flora Zaharia.

The CD’s official launch is at the National Storytelling Conference in Lévis, Quebec: Where Languages Meet 2015. This is the 23rd Annual Conference of the SC-CC, held from July 1 to 5.The CD launch takes place in beautiful Lévis, at L’anglicane, 31 rue Wolfe, on July 2nd at 8pm and is open to the public.

The StorySave Program was established by SC-CC as a means of enhancing storytelling’s living contribution to Canada’s oral and literary heritage through the recording of voices of elders from the Canadian storytelling community for reproduction on and distribution through multi-volume CD sets, and the audio website. Tellers selected for inclusion are those who tell out of very particular repertoires, and have something unique to offer.

Flora Zaharia (Sikotan) is a Kainai (Blood) elder from Alberta, now living in Winnipeg. For many years, Flora worked to record and preserve the stories of the people on her Kainai reserve.Through this work and her own performances, she has made invaluable contributions to thestorytelling world.

Now at 87 years old, Flora’s StorySave CD stands as a testament to her artistry as a teller. Her captivating stories come from her family, her community and from traditional legends handed down by her mother and grandmother. Only now as an elder storyteller is Flora sharing theselegends, because, she says “it is important to me that other people have a better understandingof our culture and history through these stories.”

For more information, including the purchase of Flora’s CDs and those recorded by previous years' tellers, please go to the SC-CC website and visit the StorySave pages:

Flora’s recording will also be available for download through CD Baby, beginning on July 2nd. See or visit the StorySave pages on the SC-CC website:

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