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2023 Toronto International Storytelling Festival: Call for Proposals -


2023 Toronto International Storytelling Festival
- Call for Proposals -


Storytelling Toronto is seeking proposals for performances for the 44th Toronto International Storytelling Festival, taking place from May 5 to 14, 2023.

The Toronto International Storytelling Festival (TISF) celebrates oral storytelling with traditional stories, personal true stories, poetry, music, puppetry, and more, at the one of the world’s largest and oldest urban celebrations of storytelling and cultural diversity. TISF is committed to creating healthier and more socially just models of presentation by breaking down systemic participation barriers, uplifting voices historically not heard, and celebrating the transformative magic of storytelling. 

This year, we encourage submissions from Storytelling Toronto members as well as from the general public. We are interested in artists and works that explore contemporary themes through storytelling. We invite you to bring us stories you have been yearning to tell – the stories you believe folks need to hear right now. The stories that are bursting from within.

Learn more and apply on Storytelling Toronto's website!

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