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From Sterling Talent Solutions: Building and Nurturing Volunteer Communities


From Sterling Talent Solutions:

Tips on Building an Engaged Volunteer Community

Whether volunteers serve on-site or remotely, ensuring that volunteers feel a part of something bigger than just themselves can transform one-time volunteers into truly engaged volunteers. In this session, discover the benefits of nurturing a sense of community among volunteers and explore seven principles that foster community.

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Notice of passing: Anne Andersen

Dear Friends:

We are saddened to hear and pass on to you the news of the passing of Anne Andersen.
 Anne was an active member of this community for many years.  She told stories, she taught, she mentored, she organized and she supported storytelling in Edmonton, in Vancouver, in North Vancouver and in Steveston. She will be remembered for her dedication to storytelling, for her support of storytellers and for her loving brilliance.   

Une série d'ateliers sur la gestion de carrière


Storytellers of Canada – Conteurs du Canada est fier de vous offrir une série d'ateliers sur la gestion de carrière

Employment Opportunity: Storyteller, Public Programming & Learning @ Toronto Biennial of Art



The Toronto Biennial of Art (TBA) Storytelling program is seeking multiple Storytellers from Toronto and Mississauga to mediate contemporary art through modes of interpreting, informing, narrating and embodying. Comprising a series of guided sessions, spot tours, and conversations with visitors, the Storytelling program will engage intergenerational audiences with the artworks and contexts around TBA 2022 to ensure enriching visitor experiences.

Learn more about the role and how to apply here:

News from Storytelling Toronto

Read Storytelling Toronto's first 2022 PIP Newsletter! Click here

Conseil des arts du Canada : étude sur les arts et le bien-être

Conseil des arts du Canada vous invitons à participer à une étude sur les arts et le bien-être. Plus d'informations : ici

Notice of passing: Vincent Wall, Guelph Ontario- 1935-2021

Notice of passing: Vincent Wall, Guelph Ontario- 1935-2021

Sad news from Guelph, Ontario: Storyteller Vincent Wall passed away in December 2021. You can read Vince's full obituary online here: 


What gift do you give a storytelling organization celebrating its 40th anniversary? Why, stories- of course! TRIBUTE TALES is a video series launching January 11th on Storytelling Alberta’s YouTube channel. It features 40 storytellers (many of them SC-CC members) from across Canada, each one gifting their performance of a favourite tale. The first video will activate at 10am (MST) on Tuesday Jan 11th, and a new story will be uploaded every Tuesday throughout the anniversary year. So -  click your computer mouse and join this digital story circle for a few minutes every week! Once posted, videos will remain on the TRIBUTE TALES playlist for you to enjoy over and over, anytime you like. Here’s the link:  

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