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Ruth Stewart-Verger

Ruth Stewart-Verger

236 Breezehill Ave. South

Ottawa, ON K1Y 2J3

Home/Résidence: 613-722-8402

Email/Courriel: ruth.stewartverger@gmail.com

Website: http://www.rasputins.ca/ruth.htm

Ruth was lucky enough to be raised in a family of storytellers, thus learned her art from relatives, neighbours, and travelers who stopped to share the wealth of stories at the family dinner table. Ruth's first love is for stories of people, their struggles and their triumphs! Her stories of history's heroes carry you to a different time, a different way of understanding. In her tales of adventure and misadventure, you will recognize your neighbours; perhaps yourself!

Ruth has traveled across Canada telling stories, and finding new ones! She uses stories daily in her classroom and in her work with the Bereavement Working group of Champlain District, Ontario. Ruth has give workshops on: introduction to storytelling, storytelling skill building, telling string-stories, how to use stories in the classroom, researching and performing historical stories, and storytelling as a tool in palliative care and bereavement settings.                                                                                                                       Photo by Peter Jarvis

Ruth has recorded two historical tales about Canadian Women heroes and toured with them across Canada. "She Pushed from Behind: Emily Murphy" is the story of Women fighting for the right to be "Persons", no longer the property of men. And "In God Knows Where: Marie-Anne Lagimodière" she presents the story of the first woman of European descent to travel west of the Great Lakes. Marie-Anne Gaboury-Lagimodière was the grandmother of Louis Riel. For information on how to obtain these CD's, and much more, please see Ruth's website. Ruth tells in English to children, young adults and adults.

Available: weekday evenings, weekends


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